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How preventive dentistry can save time and money

Patients who have dental insurance plans through their employer or the health insurance marketplace will find that their plan almost always covers cleaning and evaluations every six months free of charge. And for good reason—preventative dentistry is far less expensive than waiting for problems to arise and require immediate, and costly, repair. Drs. Mark Duncan […]

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Why should it matter if my teeth are straight?!

There are a lot of reasons to want straight teeth, and usually the ones people don’t care about matter most!  The easy and obvious answer isn’t really the one that makes the big difference in the long run.  And, on the other hand, it may matter the most!  Fortunately, invisalign is a simple and comfortable […]

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My teeth are terrible!! Help!

The Life-cycle of a Tooth When we are young, our personal hygiene isn’t so great and our diet is often terrible!  We don’t like the foods we should eat and love the foods we shouldn’t!  Candy and chips are a stable for kids.  Somehow, after brushing their teeth, a kids toothbrush is often still dry!  […]

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Get help managing dental anxiety with the team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown

If you experience dental anxiety, you are not alone. Many adults have a fear of the dentist, which can keep them from getting the dental work done that they need to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. This is why the team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown is excited to offer patients a solution with […]

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“I hate the dentist!”

Truth is, you aren’t alone… going to the dentist is not fun even when it’s easy, but that shouldn’t keep you away! We will talk about a few ways to make your experience easier.  First I want to highlight some of the reasons why it’s important to stay regular with your visits. The most obvious […]

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This father’s day, focus on being a role model for oral health and wellness

Happy father’s day from the team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown!   Our family would like to help you with your father’s day celebrations this month, which is also Oral Health Month. With this in mind, we are dedicating today’s article to all of the dads located in and around the community of Georgetown, TX, […]

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What would straighter teeth mean to you?

Have you ever thought you wished your teeth were whiter? Or straighter? Or just looked better? Odds are you have, because only about 1/3 of adults front teeth are aligned properly. The thing about it is a pretty smile isn’t just a pretty smile! STRAIGHT TEETH ARE HEALTHY There is a natural self-cleansing property that […]

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Enjoy a healthy smile this Mother’s day

The month of May is a time when we take a moment to recognize all types of mothers for their efforts, dedication, and unrelenting love. They probably even took the time to teach us how to brush and floss our teeth, since oral health is incredibly important! However, many mothers will find that while they […]

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Do you trust your teeth?!

You should know that you can eat without your teeth slipping around. Laughing shouldn’t have to also include covering your mouth in case your teeth slip. You should be able to smile and know it’s a smile you can be proud of. Whether you have all of your teeth, some of your teeth, or none […]

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These 6 Screening May Change or Even Save Your Life!

How amazing would it be to find out why you have headaches every week when everyone else has maybe one or two a year? What if there was an answer to why you wake up with numb fingers? Wouldn’t it be great to finally figure out why your neck and shoulders are always sore? Or […]

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