Endodontic treatment or a ‘root canal‘ is needed when the soft tissue inside your tooth becomes infected or traumatized. An infection in the root of your tooth, if left untreated, can become very painful.

Root canals do not have to be painful. If treated before the infection is allowed to progress, it can be a simple procedure. Dr. Mandy and Dr. Mark put their patients’ comfort first. They encourage patients to discuss their concerns openly, so they can make sure you have the pain and anxiety relief you need before getting started. This can be accomplished through local anesthetics and/or sedation dentistry techniques.

The root canal or endodontic procedure should only take one to two office visits to complete and is accomplished using the following steps:

  • The infected pulp material is removed
  • The tooth canal is cleaned thoroughly
  • The canal is filled and resealed
  • If necessary, a dental crown is applied to reinforce the tooth or cosmetically enhance its appearance

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