tmj testing


The goal of TMJ testing is to determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing are a direct result of a TMJ problem. This can be difficult without special diagnostic equipment because the symptoms of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) such as migraine headaches and face, neck and back pain, can be attributed to a number of other health conditions.

Diagnostic equipment that we will use to determine if you have TMJ includes X-rays, a TENS unit, and K-7 testing.

The TENS uses non-invasive, electrical current to relax your jaw muscles so that we can analyze the at-rest position of your bite. The K7 is a computerized mapping technology that records the position and movement of your jaw.

A physical examination coupled with the diagnostic testing data will enable Dr. Mandy and Dr. Mark to rule out or diagnose TMD and begin your treatment immediately. The good news is that diagnosing a TMJ problem is half of the battle and the treatment methods are able to relieve you of most symptoms in as little as a few weeks.

To learn more, please read our TMJ FAQs page and contact us for an initial consultation.

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