tooth colored fillings


Fillings are needed anytime you develop a cavity or decayed area in one of your teeth. The hole that remains after the decayed material is removed must be filled to prevent the tooth from decaying further or becoming unstable.

Until recently, the only filling materials used for cavities were gold, silver or a combination of metals and mercury called ‘amalgam’ fillings. These choices aren’t the most popular today for a variety of reasons. The first is that metal fillings are a dark color, making them more obvious than most patients would like. The second issue is that amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is a toxic substance if released into the body.

For all of these reasons, many of our guests in the Georgetown, Texas areas request tooth colored fillings made of an extremely strong and durable plastic resin.

The process for applying a resin filling is a different from that of a metal filling, but the results are the same, if not better. The procedure begins once the cavity or decayed material is removed from the tooth. After a series of steps to cleanse and prepare the tooth for bonding, the resin is applied in thin layers until the cavity has been completely filled in.

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