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A Dental Easy Button?!

It sure seems like there should be a better way for almost everything in dentistry…  There should be a way to get numb that doesn’t taste like poison.  There should be a way to have a tooth worked on that isn’t so loud.  It seems like somewhere along the line, we would figure out how to not have to spray cold water on the teeth while we work on them!  And, it seems like by now, we could make teeth straight without having to bond a mouth full of sharp metal to the teeth!

Well, in fact, Invisalign offers exactly that!  Invisalign is sequence of clear trays that is progressively straighter.  You will start with a tray that is slightly less crowded than your existing teeth.  Then a gentle consistent force will improve the alignment.  After a week or so, the net slightly straighter tray moves the teeth a little closer to the goal.  Then in a week, the next one.  Over the course of a few months, most cases are finished and the teeth are pretty and straight.  The time of treatment depends on the amount of movement that is necessary.

With more control over individual tooth movement and a predictable sequence of tooth movements, in most cases it is also faster too!  The average Invisalign treatment time is about 9 months, but a lot of cases finish up in a few months.  It all depends on your goals and situation, and Invisalign offers a fantastic way to achieve them.

How it works…

The process is simple too!  On the initial visit, we can take digital scans of your mouth and teeth.  Along with photos, we can then digitize your models and design a sequentially straighter alignment.  This creates a digital preview of the movements along the way.  Even better, you can also see your new finished smile.  Then, the aligners are made and shipped to us.  In just a couple weeks we meet again and start straightening your smile!

You simply wear the aligners 23/7 and take them out when you are eating and when you brush and floss your teeth.  The typical progress will have you changing the trays once a week and in a few short months, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted.  Straight and beautiful, and no metal braces!!

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