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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a treatment planning protocol that elevates the outcome of customized cosmetic dentistry services through the use of sophisticated videography and digital technology. We could describe Digital Smile Design as the most patient-centered smile makeover available today. The use of innovative digital technology is combined with collaboration with exclusive dental specialists to achieve the highest standard of care.

Digital Smile Design is a systematic approach to cosmetic dentistry that is only available in select offices around the country. We are proud to offer this protocol at the Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown.

What are the advantages of using Digital Smile Design?

Cosmetic dental treatment offers the exciting benefit of making over the smile. What Digital Smile Design does is help us makeover your smile so it looks like a completely natural extension of your personality. The advantages of this protocol include outstanding aesthetic outcomes and consistent collaboration between patient and dentist. When you visit us for your Digital Smile Design, you can expect to be an integral part of the treatment planning process. After all, it’s your smile we are enhancing!

Am I a candidate for Digital Smile Design?

Many adults are great candidates for Digital Smile Design because this treatment planning method enables us to tailor cosmetic procedures to individual needs and objectives. Before any work is recommended, the DSD doctor performs a thorough assessment to confirm eligibility. In some cases, it is necessary to attend to dental health issues before cosmetic work begins. Sometimes, multiple specialties are involved in the treatment program. For example, an orthodontist may perform treatment to correct misalignment before a cosmetic specialist performs teeth whitening or dental veneers.

How is Digital Smile Design different from other digital imaging options?

Digital Smile Design is much more than taking digital images of the smile before performing various cosmetic treatments. This protocol is undertaken with multiple considerations to ensure that the treatments that are conducted enhance comfort as well as aesthetics. Some of these considerations include dental alignment and how speech may be affected by changes to dentition, facial symmetry, facial midline position, and soft tissue symmetry.

The DSD process is interactive and highly collaborative. Not only does the dentist collaborate with various specialists in the smile design protocol, but the patient is also directly involved in how their treatment is carried out. Ultimately, the patient and the dentist must agree upon a treatment plan before any work begins. In this respect, Digital Smile Design is a protocol that goes above and beyond to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Because the patient sees their smile transformation before it happens, there is an extraordinary degree of confidence moving forward.

Digital Smile Design is not limited to aesthetics. Several specialties may be involved. Examples include implantology, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

What is the Digital Smile Design procedure?

The first step in DSD is to take precise, high-quality scans, photos, and videos of the teeth, smile, and face. These create the patient case and serve as the basis for models created in the makeover process. The optimal smile design is developed in the Digital Smile Design lab, where a team of dentists fabricates a realistic smile that is beautiful and functional. The treatment plan is returned to us and we review every detail with the patient. We discuss the acceptability of the plan with direct patient input and make changes if necessary.

How long does the Digital Smile Design process take?

The initial process for Digital Smile Design takes less than an hour. The x-rays, video, photographs, and digital scans may take only 30 to 40 minutes. Data is then sent to the DSD lab for analysis and follow-up.

Depending on the desired outcome of treatment, the DSD treatment plan may include elements such as dental implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening, gum surgery, or veneers. The total time it can take to complete the smile makeover after DSD treatment planning can vary based on the procedures that will be performed.

Are there any risks to using Digital Smile Design? Is it proven safe?

Digital Smile Design is not a treatment in itself; it is a treatment planning solution that enables patients to partake in the process. The brief planning protocol involves digital scans and other imaging that are safe and effective. There are few risks associated with the protocol due to the minimal exposure to radiation from x-rays.

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