Preventative Dentistry


Dr. Mandy and Dr. Mark and their team want all of their patients to have excellent dental health throughout their lifetimes. To ensure their patients maintain healthy teeth and gums under her care, they recommend a combination of good oral hygiene practices and preventive dentistry.

Preventive dentistry is essentially any dental procedure or practice that is used to prevent the onset of gum disease or tooth decay. Common practices in preventive dentistry include:

  • Multi-media patient education videos
  • Professional cleaning of teeth every six months
  • Applying sealants to teeth that fill the tiny crevices and cracks where many cavities start
  • Having fluoride treatments for patients living in areas where the water supply does not have sufficient amounts of fluoride
  • Professional periodontal maintenance (including periodontal therapy for those with serious periodontal disease)

Utilizing these recommended treatments, many serious dental health issues can be avoided and you should be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.

If you are located in the Georgetown, Texas area and you would like to improve your smile for any reason, contact us today to schedule a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation.