Did you know that your dentist can help with migraines and headaches?

Shot of a tired young female designer looking stressed with her hands in her hair while contemplating in the office at work If you suffer from chronic migraines or headaches, you may not realize that your dentist may be able to help you. There are a variety of certain dental treatments that can help to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with migraines and headaches once it has been determined to be caused by dental problems.

How do I know if my headaches and migraines are caused by dental issues?

Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley of Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown will first need to carry out a thorough examination of your mouth in order to identify any potential causes of your pain. Once the cause has been identified by your dentist, he or she can recommend the most effective treatment for you. The type of treatment used to address the problem will vary depending on the cause.

In some cases, simply correcting a small dental problem can make a big difference to the severity and frequency of migraines or headaches. For example, if you have misaligned teeth, your dentist may recommend braces or other orthodontic treatment to correct the problem. If you deal with problems such as TMJ/TMD or bruxism, the use of an oral appliance at night can alleviate discomfort caused by clenching and grinding of the teeth. By evaluating your unique needs, our team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown in Georgetown, TX, can make recommendations to help address frequent headaches and migraines caused by these dental concerns.

How do I learn more about addressing migraines and headaches linked to dental problems?

First, Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley will need to perform an initial evaluation. During this time, they may have questions to ask about any past conditions you have been diagnosed with and any specific needs you need addressed. Then, our team will determine the best course of action for treatment.

To take the first step in finding out more about treating headaches and migraines or even about any dental work offered in our practice, we welcome you to call the office at 512-819-9100 to request an appointment. We are currently open to new and returning patients in and around the community of Georgetown, TX.

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