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In years past, the only option for dental fillings was a mixture of metals and mercury called ‘amalgam’. These fillings are not only aesthetically displeasing due to their dark color, but also potentially harmful if mercury is released into the bloodstream in large quantities or the tooth fractures due to the expansion and contraction of metals inside your tooth.

In recent years the technology for porcelain fillings has advanced so that they are actually stronger than metal fillings, generally, last much longer, reinforce and strengthen the tooth, and are much more aesthetically pleasing. Due to this, many of our cosmetic dentistry patients opt for porcelain fillings when they have new cavities or would like to replace the amalgam fillings they have currently.

The procedure for applying porcelain fillings or using them to replace amalgam fillings is relatively simple. First, the diseased tissue or old amalgam filling is removed and the tooth is evaluated for fractures from the old metal fillings. Next, an impression of the affected tooth will be made so that the dental lab can create a new porcelain filling that is custom-crafted to fit securely in the tooth. While the permanent porcelain filling is being fabricated, you will be fitted with a temporary. When the porcelain filling arrives, it will be permanently bonded to your natural tooth.

The color of the porcelain filling will provide you with a seamless restoration that will actually strengthen the tooth and help keep it from fracturing or breaking.

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