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Using full dentures and implants to restore the smile after significant tooth loss

Replacing missing teeth is often needed for our patients, especially when they have lost or extracted a large number of teeth. Traditional full dentures are usually the route they consider. However, there’s another option that is regarded as a more effective way of replacing teeth and enjoying all your favorite foods! Drs. Mark Duncan and […]

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Try Invisalign today!

A Dental Easy Button?! It sure seems like there should be a better way for almost everything in dentistry…  There should be a way to get numb that doesn’t taste like poison.  There should be a way to have a tooth worked on that isn’t so loud.  It seems like somewhere along the line, we […]

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Can Invisalign achieve the same results as traditional metal braces?

Traditional orthodontics have been used for decades to straighten the smile and improve patient confidence. While metal brackets and wires are an effective way of moving teeth into proper alignment, they are not the only way. Thanks to advancements in today’s orthodontic services, patients in Georgetown, TX, may be excited to learn they can enhance […]

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Managing dental anxiety

It is common to feel anxious about going to the dentist. Many people experience fear or dread when faced with the prospect of dental treatment. However, for some people, this anxiety can be so severe that it interferes with their ability to receive necessary dental care. Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley work with patients […]

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Dental Anxiety is Really Scary!

Dental Fear is Scary No one loves having dental work, but there are 5 easy ways to make the visits easier and get the work done so you can enjoy a healthy mouth and eliminate the fear of your dental visits! First, we will start with the easiest as they are often the most powerful.  […]

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The best way to help dad overcome obstructive sleep apnea this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful dads out there. But for the millions of fathers who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, Father’s Day may just be another day of feeling tired and exhausted. Because OSA is often undiagnosed, many fathers go through life without knowing that they have a serious […]

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A gift for mom for father’s day?!

It’s really for both mom and dad, and so much better than a new tie or Yeti! We have all heard the age old complaint of ‘sawing logs’ or ‘snoring like a freight train’. Probably so often that it almost seems normal to snore, but the truth is snoring is anything but normal! It is […]

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Mother’s Day Invisalign

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we love all of our patients and families who visit us for their oral health needs. For the month of May, Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley want to recognize mothers for all they do! With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is important that moms take time for themselves, […]

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Straighter looks better, but it’s so much more!

Invisalign could change your life! The studies on the impact of straight teeth and a pretty smile always show the same thing. Almost everyone sees people with straighter teeth and prettier smiles as more successful, happier, funnier, and more competent. Even more importantly, almost everyone feels better when they have a smile they can be […]

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Need a Regular Dentist?

Yes, we are that kind of dentist! Often we have had people call and ask if we do regular dentistry. Ask if we could recommend a regular dentist. A little confused because we are that kind of dentist, we ask questions. People hear about the amazing smiles we have helped patients create for themselves. That […]

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