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Many patients become nervous or anxious before and during the cosmetic and restorative procedures we perform. To ensure that you can be relaxed and comfortable during your appointment, Drs. Mandy, Mark, and Devin offer sedation dentistry services.

Sedation dentistry involves administering a mild sedative to help patients relax during their dental visits. We can safely remove their anxiety about dental work, yet they will be conscious and able to communicate with us.

The doctors at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown provide oral conscious sedation, which entails giving the patient an oral medication to take one to two hours before the dental appointment. This will keep the patient conscious and able to respond, yet in a very deeply relaxed state.


Alternatively, Dr. Mandy. Dr. Mark, or Dr. Devin can administer nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” to relax the patient.

With all types of dental sedation, we recommend that patients have a friend or family member drive them to and from their appointment.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of administering a sedative to a dental patient before their dental appointment. The purpose is to ensure that the patient remains calm, relaxed, and anxiety free.

Will I Be Awake During the Procedure?

Yes, you will remain conscious during the procedure and able to respond. The forms of sedation that we use are safe and effective without altering your level of awareness. You'll be able to swallow on your own, breathe on your own, and will be aware of what's going on around you. However, you won't be unsettled by any of it! You'll be able to talk with your dentist and the clinical staff as needed while feeling very comfortable throughout your visit.

What Kinds of Sedation Dentistry Techniques Do You Use?

We offer two of the most common forms of dental sedation in our Georgetown, TX office, nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Each of these types of sedation has been proven safe and effective for the vast majority of patients. Your dentist can help you determine which type of sedation might best suit your needs and level of anxiety.

Nitrous oxide is also referred to as inhalation sedation. You may know it as laughing gas. The sedative works quickly when you inhale the gas through a comfortable mask that fits over your nose. Within a couple of minutes, the anxiety that you feel will dissipate into feelings of calm, serenity, and even euphoria. This is why the sedative is referred to as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide works on the central nervous system to decrease your responses to external stimuli without causing you to feel groggy. At the conclusion of your procedure, we'll increase the ratio of oxygen to nitrous oxide and you will feel the effects lifting.

Oral conscious sedation can take some time to work. For this reason, you may take the prescribed medication one to two hours before your dental appointment. Oral sedatives can cause a bit of grogginess and enough relaxation that you cannot drive until their effects have completely worn off. You'll need to arrange to have someone drive you to your appointment and take you home.

What is the Difference Between Sedation and Sleep Dentistry?

Many people use the terms sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry interchangeably. However, most forms of dental sedation are on the lighter side and do not cause you to doze off during your treatment. Sleep dentistry is a specific type of deeper sedation, usually delivered intravenously, that causes unconsciousness for some time. Due to the depth of sedation, sleep dentistry is largely unnecessary in the majority of cases performed in the general dental office.

Why Don't You Perform Sleep Dentistry?

We feel it could put the patient at undue risk. The sedation used in sleep dentistry is stronger, patients cannot respond, and it can have adverse effects. Sleep dentistry needs to be administered and constantly monitored by an anesthesiologist. We believe that sedation dentistry is just as effective, yet safer.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can be ideal for most people. You may request this service to calm feelings of dental anxiety regardless of their intensity. Sedation can be beneficial for people who have a hard time sitting still or feeling physically relaxed, or patients who want to combine multiple procedures into a single visit. It can also work against a strong gag reflex, making it much more comfortable to receive dental care. If you are extremely nervous or anxious about an upcoming procedure, sedation dentistry is probably a good option for you. Contact Dr. Mandy, Dr. Mark or Dr. Krista today to find out more.

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