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I love Aesthetic Dentistry. I went in about a year and a half ago for a routine cleaning and found out that I had TMD. After having suffered with migraines for over 6 years, all it took was Dr. Holley to make them go away. It feels so wonderful to be able to face the day with no migraines, no jaw popping, no ear popping, and to not feel the tension in my jaw that was there for so long. I have always gone in every six months for a dental check up and no other dentist that I had seen had put all the symptoms together and Dr. Holley did with just one visit. I am so grateful and will continue to keep going back.

After living with TMD for many years, I had worn my teeth down and also made them thin. The front bottom teeth were pushed toward the inside because of my bite. It was hard to smile enough to even show my teeth which were not very attractive. I also had clicking in my jaws but all of this became an accepted nuisance because I was not aware that there was anything that could remedy the situation. I learned of Doctor Holley’s practice and the TMD procedure and was so thankful and excited to know that she could help me. The procedure took some time but I knew all that from the beginning. The result was totally amazing. I had beautiful teeth and it also changed my bite and the shape of my face. I felt better about my appearance and I had a really good reason to smile. I have had so many compliments from friends and people who do not even know me. Every time I see my family doctor, he tells me whatever I paid, it was worth every penny.
Jen B.

I was suffering headaches and neck aches and thought it was just stress until, Dr Holley pointed out that the headaches and other symptoms like tingling in the hands and ringing in the ears might be TMD. I began treatment with Dr. Holley and noticed an almost immediate change. Thanks to Dr. Holley and her wonderful staff, I hardly ever get headaches and my other symptoms are gone. I feel like a new person!

As a person with sleep apnea, I highly recommend Drs. Holley for assistance with fitting, monitoring and maintaining an oral sleep appliance. They fully understand the challenges of apnea, and have been readily available to me when I have had any questions or concerns. I feel that they really listen and will take the time to make sure that things are done to the highest standard.
Lynda B.

After struggling with the discomfort and inconvenience of CPAP for treatment of sleep apnea, I decided to try Summoned. The difference was dramatic; I easily adjusted to the device and subsequent testing has proven its effectiveness. Maintenance is very easy. I feel lucky this treatment option was made available to me. Thanks.
Allison D.

I was so excited and anxious to better my smile. Dr. Holley and her staff are all so nice and informative. Everything went smoothly, just as expected. I didn’t show much emotion in the office, but I definitely cried tears of joy when I got in the car! This is something I have been dreaming of doing since high school and I’m so excited I finally took the step to fixing my smile.

I struggled with chronic migraines, jaw and shoulder pain (as a result of grinding, clenching, and a misaligned bite) for over 40 years. I was diagnosed with TMD 30 years ago, had braces for 3 years, and invasive jaw surgery in the late ’80’s to help correct my bite. I used night guards, had biofeedback training, and other pain management remedies but they always fell short. I was told there was little that could be done, and I would have to live with it and learn to manage the pain. Five years ago, I started breaking teeth more than usual so I decided to try again and see if I could find a dentist that understood TMD. I hoped that after 25 years, surely someone had made advances in this area of dentistry. I searched the web, found the LVI website, and found Dr. Holley. I was skeptical, but Dr. Holley was patient and confident in reassuring me that she could and would help me. She understood the disappointment associated with failed TMD treatments and always showed me the evidence (muscle test results, etc) of what was causing the pain and of my progression throughout the treatment. My case was a very difficult case, took a lot of extra care and effort on her part, but she never wavered in her confidence about the outcome. It took awhile for my bite to stabilize, but my pain starting getting better after the first treatment with the temporary orthotic. Eventually Dr. Holley was able to permanently fix my bite through restorations, and I am virtually pain-free. Dr. Holley’s office and staff are warm, caring, personable, and professional. They are truly a team and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my care. My life will never be the same, and I have Dr. Mandy Holley and her amazing team to thank for that.
Greg W.

Holley and her staff are awesome! Going to the dentist is like going to a spa! Love everyone there and their professional, gentle service!
Janet Hewlett

A gifted educator and clinician, Dr. Holley is an exceptional young leader in dentistry, recognized by her peers as a great mentor and model. Our patients appreciate Dr. Holley’s genuine, compassionate care, as well as her expertise and skill in dentistry.

Dr. Mark Duncan has practiced the art and science of dentistry since 1995. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, he has spent his career not only treating patients, but also teaching dentists from around the world advanced aesthetic and functional dentistry.

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