Understanding the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Immunity

Beautiful woman eating blueberries Did you know that your oral health and your body’s immune system work together? The mouth is the “gateway” into the body, and when patients have conditions such as periodontal disease, they are likely to affect other areas. Many patients are unaware of this link, known as the oral systemic connection, and how infection in the mouth can spread throughout the body and result in the development of other medical conditions. In fact, patients who have periodontal disease may also be diagnosed with conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. All of this can be linked together with oral health. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown in Georgetown, TX, our dentists can educate you on the benefits of keeping the smile healthy and understanding how it all connects.

How bacteria in the mouth affects the immune system

Most of the problems that arise from poor oral health are linked to the bacteria that forms. Bacteria grows fast in areas that are warm and moist—like your mouth. Brushing and flossing can keep the teeth and gums clean and keep bad bacteria from growing and causing complications. When conditions such as periodontal disease develop, which is an infection in the mouth, it can negatively affect one’s smile and body. Bacteria in the mouth is carried to the rest of the body via the bloodstream, which sets off an immune response and a chain reaction that can lead to other medical and health complications if not addressed in the early stages. This is why patients need to visit their dentist regularly for cleanings and evaluations to catch infection as soon as it starts and begin treatments necessary to control it and get the smile healthy again!

Keep your smile and immune system in top shape!

With the help of the team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, patients in the community can discuss their dental needs and how they impact the rest of their bodies. If you are interested in working with a dedicated team in the Georgetown, TX community to improve your oral health, call the office at (512) 819-9100 to schedule an appointment at 3622 Williams Drive, Building 2.

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