Getting Back to Healthy Post-pandemic

What should we learn from this experiment in group psychology, immunity, and infectious diseases?  One thing we know for certain is the best way to stay healthy is to start healthy!  As is the case with infectious diseases, the opportunistic nature of infections lends them to attacking immune systems that are already busy fighting another battle.  Simply being otherwise healthy makes you much less likely to get sick.  Being unhealthy makes you much more likely.  However, wellness can be more a product of intentional acts. In fact, there are some very simple solutions that we all know.

  • Don’t smoke.

    Healthy living
    What you eat becomes you
  • Brush and floss your teeth.
  • Get good quality and quantity of sleep.
  • Eat well and get at least30 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week.

Living a healthy lifestyle leads to living a healthy life.  This isn’t news.  But like so many things, while we man intend to live in a way that is healthier, we get so busy living life that we often forget to live it well.  In the next few moments, we will discuss some simple strategies to help you to live in a way that will pay dividends for the rest of your life!

The simplest and most glaring lapse in general health and wellness is gum disease.  In fact, in the United States, around 80% of adults have either active or historic periodontal disease.  This isn’t simply a process of ageing, but something that is preventable and manageable.  Although there aren’t many simple warning signs early in the process, there are several things that should put you on alert.  Your gums should be firm and light pink.  If they are red or have red rings around your teeth, that’s almost always a sign of infection.  Bad breath or bleeding gums are also signs of infection.  These issues all come after the infection has had a chance to set in place, and the bacteria causing problems are already circulating through your bloodstream and throughout your body!

Mayo Clinic On Oral Health

In fact, more than anything, the wide-open pathway for infection to course through our veins is the scary issue.  The bacteria in healthy gum tissue is actually beneficial.  On the other hand, the longer the infection has been in place, the more aggressive the bacteria become.  They change from relatively mild bugs to ones found in a variety of very nasty issues.  Pneumonia and respiratory infections are actually the more mild problems.  On the list is also cancers, Alzheimers, uncontrolled diabetes, and a range of other problems.  While your body is working to keep these issues at bay, you are a prime candidate to catch whatever bugs are going around.

Yoga couple This includes the flu and colds, but also things we still know very little about like COVID.  In any event, the problem is here and we must be vigilant in protecting ourselves.  Fortunately, the best defense from infections is simply to be healthy.

With all opportunistic infections, our best first line of defense is to make sure our body is healthy.  A great place to start is to stop smoking.  Since nearly everyone has already done that, the next step is to make sure your mouth and gums are clean and healthy.  Regular hygiene visits and excellent home care is the perfect solution.  Keeping your mouth healthy is easier than getting it healthy!  Part of that process is getting a great night of sleep, and then make sure you are well nourished and exercise regularly.

There are so many ways you can help protect your health, and one of the simplest you have been doing almost your entire life!  Of course, that also means that you should be doing an impeccable job of keeping your mouth healthy by now.  For most of us, we were never really shown how to keep our mouths healthy or why it is so critically important.  We would love to share that with you!  If you don’t already have a dental family, give us a call!  We will be happy to walk you through your six health screenings and help you keep your mouth and body in great shape!

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