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The Gift of a New Smile: The Greatest Gift you can Give Yourself!

Have you ever wished your teeth were a little whiter?  Do you have a friend who covers their mouth when they laugh and talk?  Have you noticed that some people smile with their lips closed?  These are all signs that your smile and teeth may be holding you back!  The amazing thing is today, we can redesign any smile to create one that is naturally beautiful and echo your facial features and flows with who you are!  If you, or someone you know, is plagued by frustration, insecurity, or a lack of self confidence because of their smile, the greatest gift they can get is the opportunity to have the smile that fits them!  At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we have introduced technology to be able to design a smile that is built to open up and enhance the natural beauty of your face!

There is a lot we know about the power of a smile and what it does for personal happiness and success in life.  Studies have shown that 50% of people who look into cosmetic dentistry do it to look and feel younger or leading up to special events like a wedding.  More interesting is that 89% have cosmetic dentistry to improve physical attractiveness and self-esteem.  It turns out that 85% of people see people with good teeth as more attractive!  There are a lot of solutions to creating a beautiful smile depending on what is holding yours back.  At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we offer the full range of smile solutions to create natural and beautiful smiles and get to see the amazing impact this has on people’s lives!

Studies have shown that when you meet someone, you take in a lot about who they are based on that initial 10-15 second impression.  In studies plotting what the eyes look at, we know that we look all over a person, but far and away focus on three areas: their eyes and their smile.  With that first impression, we put people into category and people with nice teeth and a nice smile are seen as more successful, more attractive, nicer, and happier.  In fact, studies have also shown that not only does smiling relieve stress, but smiling actually can make you happy!  It’s also cool to know that 70% of people find women more attractive when they are smiling than when they are wearing makeup!  There is a ton of power in a smile and Drs. Mandy, Mark, and Brittney have help hundreds of people to be able to smile out loud!

If you are wondering what can be done for your smile, Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown is the first and only practice in the area to offer you the opportunity to try on Your New Smile digitally built to your facial features.  We can merge 3D CT scans of your facial structure with a digital impression of your teeth and digital photographs of your face to help you design the smile that is uniquely yours.  With your wishes and desires, together we help you to have the smile you have always dreamt of having, and along with that you get to enjoy the confidence of laughing and smiling with the world!  It’s easier and quicker than you might think, so give us a call today and set up a complimentary cosmetic consultation to talk about what you can do for your smile!

If you’re ready to create the Your New Smile, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation or send us a message from our website.  We also have a free e-book you can download by clicking the link on the top of this page, or look at options here:  Cosmetic Dentistry Options

It’s been said there are 19 different types of smiles and that people can recognize a smile from up to 300 feet!  We’re looking forward to seeing yours!!

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