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Do you love your smile?

There are so many amazing options available today!  If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to have the smile of your dreams, you owe it to yourself to find out!  We will explore a few options starting with the simplest and quickest ways to create a smile you can’t help but show off!

Professional Whitening

We use the two best professional whitening systems in dentistry today, and you can count on us to keep looking for better ways to erase the dingy colors and keep your teeth their brightest!  One of your options is Zoom! whitening, and it can be done in a single visit!  It takes about two hours and with the aid of a focused wavelength of light, the whitening gel can predictably brighten your teeth up to 8 shades!  We will also make you touch-up trays to keep your teeth their brightest at home!  There’s very little sensitivity with Zoom! and many patients actually nap through the experience.

The other system we see amazing results with is KöR Whitening.  This system uses a preservative-free whitening gel and is the most powerful whitening system available.  It also is virtually sensitivity free, and is so effective that it will even brighten tetracycline stains!  With KöR, we take digital scans of your mouth and a lab creates very detailed custom trays that do an incredible job of keeping the gel in contact with your teeth.  This takes a little planning as there is lab work before we can start whitening, and also more home whitening over time.  However, the extra effort pays off as this is the most effective system available today!

Invisalign Aesthetics

It’s amazing how much of an impact a little crowding can have on how nice a smile looks.  The top teeth are sometimes all pointed different directions and many people even cover their smiles to hide it!  The bottom teeth aren’t as big of an issue in a smile, but they almost always show when we speak.  Invisalign is an incredible system where a series of slightly straighter trays can gently guide your teeth straighter over months to years.  Because of the ability to selectively move teeth with more precision, invisalign often finishes faster than traditional ortho.  While there are a few things regular braces still do better, there aren’t many issues invisalign can’t create an elegant and simple solution for!  The great thing is if the teeth are still a decent shape, then getting them lined up correctly will open up your whole face!  The average treatment time is just under 9 months, but the smile almost always looks better in way less time than that!

Porcelain Veneers

When your teeth are chipped and worn down, or have several old restorations already in them, whiteing and invisalign may not create the smile you are after.  However, we can create beautiful smiles with porcelain veneers!  These are delicate and natural looking smiles that are built with incredibly strong ceramics that look amazing!  We work with some of the best labs in the world, and for our aesthetic smiles, we use the lab that has helped to teach aesthetic ceramics to other labs and dentists around the world.

Even more exciting is we can design your new smile so that the size and shape of the teeth match your face!  Using cues like the width of your eyes and skin tone, we create smiles that are custom designed to fit and flow with your natural features and build.  This ensures that you have a smile that looks like absolutely gorgeous natural teeth.

Back Teeth Should be White Too!

The old silver mercury metal fillings we so often see just don’t make sense anymore.  They were first introduced in the late 1800s and really haven’t changed much since.  They are about 50% mercury when they go in, and that just doesn’t make sense.  In the words of Indiana Jones, they belong in a museum!  The reality is today, we have a much better alternative!  Tooth colored plastic fillings are exceptional and conservative solutions for small problems in teeth, and bonded porcelain is the ideal solution for the larger issues.  We have CEREC technology making the process incredibly convenient for you.  They don’t cause the teeth to fracture and break, and can even be prepared, designed, created, and bonded in the same visit!  And, they disappear in your mouth because they are made with tooth colored porcelain ceramic materials!

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

For some people, the wear and tear through the years has actually caused a collapse in their face.  As the teeth get shorter, the jaw closes further, and the chin and nose are closer and closer together when you bite.  This means the skin ends up looking like it’s hanging and deep lines form around your mouth.  It is always amazing to see what a dramatic difference having the proper bite can make on your whole face!  It often looks almost like a facelift was done, but really it was just restoring the natural support you are supposed to have in your jaws.  This is also how we can eliminate migraine and chronic headache and neck pain.  When we rebuild the bite, the cramps and dysfunction in your muscles disappears and that stops the chronic head and neck pain!

But more to the point, with a rehabilitation, you can design your smile exactly how you want it to look!  It will take a few more visits to get it all planned and ensure everything fits like it should, but it is worth every bit of the time it takes to build the smile your face is supposed to be able to show off!  When it’s done, you can see the whole face open up and smile!

Free Aesthetic Consultation

If you have wanted to find out what options make most sense for you, feel free to give us a call and set up a free aesthetic consultation.  With over 50 years of experience and doctors who have lectured and taught these techniques and concepts all over the world, we are confident we can find solutions to whatever you don’t like about your smile!  The amazing thing is probably isn’t as complicated as you think too!  Call us today and lets see how we can create the smile of your dreams!

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