5 Signs of Oral Cancer You Should Know

Female,Doctor,In,White,Uniform,With,Red,And,White,Ribbon Detecting oral cancer in its earliest possible stage remains a key to a successful recovery, which is one of several reasons why preventive dental exams are so important.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we work diligently with our valued Texas community members to keep them healthy. We hope this information about oral cancer warning signs proves helpful.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancers include a variety of cells that have harmfully mutated DNA. When a cell’s DNA changes, it can continue to grow abnormally. These cells pull together and form a growth called a tumor. Using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, UV ray exposure, and contact with human papillomavirus (HPV) are common risks of oral cancer. In terms of identifying and treating tumors before they pose a significant health danger, knowing the early warning signs of oral cancer can save someone’s life, as well as preserve their teeth and jaw.

Signs of Oral Cancer You Should Know

The National Institute of Health indicates that 11.5 adults out of every 100,000 develop some form of oral cancer. Recognizing these telltale signs of mouth cancer early can significantly improve your chances of a full recovery.

1. Swollen or Sore Lips

Most oral cancers grow in the squamous cells that line our lips, face, and mouth. Squamous cell carcinoma can be recognized by sores that are red on light skin and brown or gray on dark complexions.

2. Difficulty Swallowing

If you experience difficulty swallowing or a persistent soar throat, it may be a sign of a larger problem. Should the condition last for several weeks, consider getting checked for oral cancer.

3. Patches or Discoloring Inside Your Mouth

Cancer can impact the tongue, walls, and roof of your mouth. If any of these areas show unusual signs of discoloration, schedule an appointment.

4. Hoarse Voice

A mass may begin to form near or on the vocal cords, which changes the tone of your annunciation. If your voice seems hoarse to others for more than two weeks, that may be a sign of larynx cancer.

5. Visible Masses

A bugle in the neck, tongue, lips, or anywhere inside your mouth should be examined by a medical professional. Visual inspections and biopsies rank among the best ways to determine if it is cancerous.

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