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A smile you can be proud of!

Peace begins with a smile Mother Teresa said “Peace begins with a smile” and we all could use a little more peace today!  Maybe a lot more.  It’s a shame so many pe ople don’t like their smile.  Next time you are out at dinner, look around at how people talk and laugh and you […]

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Comparing Dental Floss and Water Flossers

Technology has continued to become a big part of our lives. We use our smartphones and can access the entire world via the internet with ease. Technology in the field of dentistry also continues to improve. Dental implants allow patients to replace missing teeth in a way that maintains natural function and bone. Invisible braces […]

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The knee bone’s connected to the…

…ankle bone!  It’s a silly little song we all heard as kids, but much like “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!”, the real meaning seems to be lost today!  Hopefully no one is ‘triggered’ or needs a ‘safe space’ to protect themselves from the problems in their mouth!  […]

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Foods That Can Impact Gum and Tooth Health

While you may have heard “you are what you eat,” you may not understand how that relates to oral health and wellness. It has been found that patients who maintain a healthy and nutritious diet will also benefit from a healthy smile. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holly may make […]

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Do I Need a Dental Filling or a Dental Crown?

Restorative dentistry is a field of dental work focused on repairing existing teeth or replacing them. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we also talk to patients about restorations that are natural-looking to ensure the smile looks excellent even after repairs have been done. Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley in Georgetown, TX, work directly with […]

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Spring is in the air… Smile like you invented sunshine!

February is officially in our rear view and we can move on to the business of enjoying spring and summer!  With it comes bluebonnets, baseball, and bumblebees.  And sunshine and smiles and that’s where we have some good news for you!  We have some amazing ways to get your smile dialed in and something you […]

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Do you use your gum-brush??

It’s a toothbrush, but is it really? Back in the 1930s, the nylon bristle toothbrush was invented.  Then in the 1950s the inventor created Oral B toothbrush company we all are familiar with today.  Over the last 90 years, the technology has come a long way.  So has our understanding of oral health.  One of […]

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Perio and Immunity

The health of your gums and teeth is closely linked to your immune system. Inflammation within the mouth can cause bacteria or other irritants to move into the bloodstream, where they may lead to a variety of health problems elsewhere in the body. Poor periodontal health can actually weaken your overall immunity, making you more […]

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What Is a Dental Crown?

Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley of Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown provide Georgetown, TX, area patients with solutions for the smile, including restorative dentistry. When one or more teeth are damaged, our team might recommend the placement of a dental crown to restore the tooth and protect the natural tooth structure underneath. Let’s learn more […]

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Cosmetic and metal-free dentistry

Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley of Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown provide Georgetown, TX, area patients with a wide selection of services–specifically cosmetic. We know that a healthy smile is not always a beautiful one, which is why we work with patients who have imperfections in their smile to provide cosmetic dental work to improve […]

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