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Introducing OraCare, our best new weapon to fight gum and tooth infections and disease!


What would it be worth to you if…

We had a simple daily rinse that fights periodontal disease on multiple fronts?

We had a simple daily rinse that fights decay and kills the bacteria that causes it?

We had a simple daily rinse that fights fungal infections in the mouth?

We had a simple daily rinse that inhibits mouth sores?

We had a simple daily rinse that destroys bad breath?

We had a simple daily rinse that eliminates VSCs and biofilm that makes you sick?


What if this was all the same product, and only takes one single minute out of your day?  There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and if you use one of them you still have 1439 left to do all kinds of things – and the cool part is this one minute can still be used to do other things too!


So here’s the deal – for years we have known that bacterial infections causing gum disease and tooth decay are wreaking havoc in our mouths.  For years we have been searching for solutions to this issue and have tried a number of approaches.  One of the most powerful for helping prevent gum disease was the introduction of a mouthrinse with Chlorine Dioxide.  For fighting tooth decay, xylitol is very powerful because it feeds the tooth decay-causing bacteria empty calories and they quite literally feed on it and starve to death.


However, there were issues with both!  The Chlorine Dioxide was always delivered in a single bottle rinse and in order to have a decent shelf life, it was chemically stabilized.  While that worked, it also decreased the power and effectiveness dramatically!  Plus this did nothing to inhibit tooth decay…  And xylitol was a solution looking for an effective and efficient vehicle.  The problem was there, and the solution works – but the question came down to how to apply it!


OraCare is a simple 2-bottle rinse that you can use at home daily.  You simply put equal amounts of both into a cup and let that sit for 30 seconds and then swish for a minute.  What you get is a powerful mix of activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol and the result is that you have more than 10x the power of some of the best single bottle systems, AND you are fighting tooth decay and biofilm buildup!!


Some interesting facts…

Activated Chlorine Dioxide – Kills periodontal bacteria, oral viruses, oral fungi, and neutralizes Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) which are not only responsible for bad breath but are also incredibly destructive to our whole body.

Activated Chlorine Dioxide reduces calculus (tartar) buildup.

Activated Chlorine Dioxide eliminates bad breath.


Xylitol reduces tooth decay by anywhere from 30-85% depending on your nutritional habits.

Xylitol decreases biofilm, the slimy layer that infects under our gum tissue.

Xylitol prevents inflammatory gum disease.


OraCare delivers both in a simple and refreshing one-minute daily routine!

Ask about how OraCare would benefit you when you are here for your next visit!!

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