Your Smile is Your Signature… Make Sure it Sparkles!

You have an incredible opportunity to make your smile truly shine, and it is much easier than you think!  With invisalign, you can gently correct the tooth positions and hlep make your smile amazing!  For most people, the reason the smile isn’t quite what they want is the teeth aren’t lined up quite right, and the teeth aren’t quite bright enough.  For everyone, getting those addressed fixes so much more!

Opening up your smile!

Wh invisalign - simple and invisable en the teeth are in the right place, they are much better protected.  Things like bite force and wear aren’t as much of an issue when the tooth is lined up.  This makes them much less likely to break or chip and also much less sensitive!  Traditionally, the only way to straighten out the teeth and bite was to use metal braces, but not any more!  With a sequence of trays, we can gently re-align your teeth so that each week, they take another step toward the smile you always wanted.  The amazing thing is with the control this process creates, most invisalign smiles are finished in less than a year!

With your teeth lined up correctly your smile doesn’t have the dark voids or missing spots that catch peoples eye.  Instead, what they see is your bright and happy face and personality!  The other great thing is that you can brighten up your teeth so they match the whites of your eyes and your whole face lights up when you smile!  The power this has to boost confidence is amazing!  Studies consistently show that people with an attractive smile are seen to be happier, more successful, and more intelligent.

It’s not all just good looks…

The other massive advantage of having your teeth lined up correctly is they are more likely to be there for life!  Even a little crowding in your smile will change the bacteria and increase the potential for disease in your gum tissue and jaw bones.  On the other hand, lining your teeth up like they should be makes them more self-cleansing and keeps the pockets around your teeth naturally cleaner!

It’s a digital world!

The days of holding in the tears and trying not to throw up on the impressions are gone!  In fact, the iTero process of evaluating your smile and creating your invisalign is entirely digital!  We will take a series of digital photos and discuss your concerns and goals.  Then, we take a live video of your teeth and jaws and that is converted to a perfect digital model of your smile.  This information is used to generate a sequence of trays that are each slightly straighter than the last so that in the end, you have straight teeth, and the smile you’ve always wanted!

These trays are worn for about 1-2 weeks each, and together we watch your teeth correct and realign themselves.  You will be wearing the trays most of the day, taking them out to eat and clean your mouth.  Once we have them lined up, we can rescan your mouth and make a set of trays to keep that perfect smile looking just like you want it!

It’s your smile!

At the end of the day, your smile is one of the most powerful tools you have to communicate with the world.  A healthy mouth leads to a healthy life, but the best part about it is when you love your smile, it shows!  Call us today and ask about .  We would love to give you a preveiw of what your new smile would look like!

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