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You might be asking yourself, “What is Holistic dentistry?” Before we dive into holistic methods, let’s start with some basics. Most people have a good understanding mind body soul rock of dentistry. If you ask the average person, they would say dentists treat the teeth and gums. However, many people are unaware that there are a myriad of dental conditions that dentists encounter.   Everything from dental abscesses, caries, teeth loss, halitosis, uneven bite, oral cancer are normal to find.  There are also a lot of oral-systemic connections where dentistry should screen for medical issues. Due to the complexity of head, neck, dental, and oral conditions, not every dentist chooses to practice the same type of dentistry.

Holistic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown has been offering exceptional care for more than 15 years. From the beginning, we have used non-toxic metal-free solutions and the most conservative approaches available. We have been recognized as educators and leaders in non-surgical solutions for sleep and airway issues, TMJ problems and periodontal bone loss. The science has clearly shown that non-surgical support for optimal oral health is important.  In fact, it is one of the most important ways to protect your immune system and keep you as healthy as possible. As the science continues to grow, you can rely on us to bring the most up to date concepts as options for you. In this series of blogs, we will introduce you to the latest advances in the area of Holistic Dentistry.

Holistic dentistry means that we, as your dental care team, observe you, your teeth, and your oral health as one connected being. That seems silly to say, right? Of course, your mouth is connected to your body. In fact, your mouth is about six inches from your brain and twelve inches from your heart. This means that everything occurring in your oral region has the potential to affect your overall health and your organs. The mouth is often called “the window into the health of your body.”  Your teeth, gums, and oral health can all influence your entire body, well-being, and certainly your happiness.

It’s not just about teeth and gums…

As Holistic dentists, we examine your teeth, gums, tongue, even your saliva flow as indications of your general health. Holistic dentists aim to reduce the amount of toxicity exposure during dental procedures.   We also help you choose conservative and comprehensive techniques to keep you healthy.  Holistic dentists even consider other aspects of a patient’s life.  This includes your profession, stress level, pre-existing health conditions, diet, sleep habits and more.  This allows us to formulate the best diagnosis and treatment plan.  Our holistic approach treats any conditions from a preventive perspective first.   There is no better tooth structure than tooth!  If additional needs are found, we rely on the  most recent, scientifically supported processes and minimize any toxicity in your care.

Traditional dentistry looks for decay in teeth and then recommends a filling or crown.  As Holistic dental providers, our team guides our patients through the risks, benefits, and consequences of treatment.  Then work as one collective team to provide the very best of care to our patients. This is a basic introduction to our Holistic dental philosophy. Look for the next blog where we will explore which methods are distinct and unique to Holistic (aka Natural) Dentistry.

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