Spring is in the air… Smile like you invented sunshine!

February is officially in our rear view and we can move on to the business of enjoying spring and summer!  With it comes bluebonnets, baseball, and bumblebees.  And sunshine and smiles and that’s where we have some good news for you!  We have some amazing ways to get your smile dialed in and something you can’t help but share with the world!

Bluebonnets! Invisalign!

Clear invisalign aligners were designed as a simple solution for relapse after people stop wearing retainers.  Invisalign has set a path that has revolutionized what we can do for people’s smiles.  Founded in 1997, Invisalign has continued to improve their systems and processes and today can do virtually anything that traditional metal braces can do.  The most amazing part is that it also usually does it faster and with less discomfort.

The basic process we use for invisalign is to get a digital impression of your teeth.  This is a camera that takes thousands of photos to create a perfectly accurate digital model of your mouth.  This means NO MESSY IMPRESSIONS!  This allows us to progressively move the teeth slightly straighter with light force, ending up with a straight and beautiful smile in an average of about 9 months.  Obviously, the straighter they are when they start, the quicker it goes.  On the other hand, the more correction that you need, the more time it takes.

Invisalign has creates straighter and healthier smiles for almost 30 years and is a simple solution to get your teeth looking amazing and healthier!

Whitening options…

There are two incredible professional whitening systems that allow you to have a bright white smile again!  The simplest one is a single visit power assisted whitening system called Zoom!  Over the years, this system has been improved and now is much more comfortable.  Zoom! also gets your teeth an average of 8 shades brighter!

With Zoom!, we isolate your teeth and place a whitening gel on them while you relax in the dental chair.  Every 15 minutes or so, we will remove and replace the whitening gel and whiten another pass.  Most people are much brighter at 2 passes and often stop after the third, but the 4th is available if needed.  We will also make custom whitening trays that you can continue the process with at home.  Usually, these are a great resource to wear for an hour or two every couple years to keep your teeth bright and white.

The other system is KöR Whitening, and this is the most powerful system there is.  It also has the least reported sensitivity!  With the KöR system, we take digital impressions of your teeth and have a lab make very detailed whitening trays.  We also use a proprietary KöR whitening gel to the whitening process and have even seen it brighten tetracycline stains and the blue and gray undertones that are so hard to treat.  With KöR, you will wear the trays nightly at home for a few weeks.  Depending on the goals and starting point, you may be need additional time.  But the beautiful thing is you are in control of the process and can do it when it is convenient at home.  We do have a boost session that will happen in the office, but the majority of the process is while you are at home watching TV or getting some work done.

Free Cosmetic Conultations!

If your goals are more than making teeth straighter or whiter, we can still help you get the smile you want!  Our doctors have taught cosmetic procedures internationally for years and are recognized as some of the best cosmetic dentists there are.  You are always welcome to set up a free cosmetic consultation. Together, we can talk through your goals and how to achieve them!

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