Smile Freely

Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown is planning to give the gift of a smile to one of our neighbors who needs it most!

We have been looking for a way to say thank you to Georgetown in a way that makes a difference!  This is an amazing community full of love and faith and support for each other, and we are fortunate to be a part of it!  As a way of saying thank you, Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown would like to ask for your help in making the difference for one of our neighbors!

There is tremendous power in a smile – whether it’s a positive power or a negative power.  We are fortunate that Georgetown has trusted us with their smiles and health for more than a decade and we have had the chance to change smiles and lives with what we do!  This year we would like to ask for your help in changing the life of one of our neighbors – not because they are fortunate enough to be able to afford it, but actually, the opposite.  Some lucky person will get their smile restored as our gift to them, and together we can change someone’s life!


For them:

  • Free exam!
  • Free cleaning!
  • Free new smile!
  • A chance to make a huge step forward!

We are looking for that person who has so much to offer the community but is trapped behind a smile.  Trapped behind teeth that they are embarrassed by.   Trapped by their teeth and smile and can’t become who they are meant to be.  Someone who could do so much more but just can’t get a break!  We know the impact a smile can have is life changing, and we want to help to change someone’s life!  But we don’t know who that is… so we need your help!

For you:

  • You are the catalyst to make someone’s life better!
  • You are the answer to what they don’t like about their smile!
  • You get to give a gift they need most!

If you know someone who is amazing but can’t get ahead because they don’t have the confidence, we would like to change that!  We will meet with people over the next

several weeks and find that person whose smile is in their way – and help them to change their lives!  If you know someone like this, have them call our office and ask for information about helping them to Smile Freely.

The process will start with a brief interview and a chance to see if we can make a difference.  While we would love to fix everyone’s smile, the reality is we will have to find one person that we can truly help.  Our target is to meet that lucky person by the end of March so that the month of April can be the start of their transformation!

Have them call us at 512-819-9100 or contact us through our website today!

For us:

  • We get to watch their lives get better this year!
  • We get to start a ripple of blessings that spread across Georgetown!
  • We get to do what we truly love – changing someone’s life with a new smile!

Thank you – and together we can make Georgetown a healthier, happier, and prettier place where we can all Smile Freely!

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