Smile Freely with AESTHETIC DENTISTRY & Dr. Mark Duncan

Hopefully you can Smile Freely and with confidence that your smile shows the real you – but not everyone can.  We want to give the gift of Smiling Freely to someone here in Georgetown and need your help to find the person who can’t!  While we would love to help you get your smile in perfect shape, we also know that not everyone can afford to make that happen and we want to help!

More than 75% of people feel an unattractive smile can negatively impact their life and we are here to help!  Whether it is simply a matter of making it whiter and brighter or something more involved like mismatched or decayed teeth, a little attention now can have a massive and far-reaching impact on the rest of your life!

Being able to smile with confidence and know that people don’t make snap decisions about you based on stained or discolored teeth is such a powerful way to walk through life!  If part of your resolution for the year is to change your life for the better, ask yourself if improving your smile might be a great first step!

To that end, we would like to help someone who could really use that break…  someone who is ready to make a difference in their life but can’t because of their smile.  We know how much of an impact a smile can make on your life and so we would like to help someone get their smile right so that it isn’t holding them back and they can attack life and become the person they are meant to be!

If you know of someone who has a ton of potential but can’t get past their smile, have them call 512-819-9100 to set up a consultation.   We will be interviewing several people and for the one who can’t make it happen, but the smile will be a huge help, we are planning to make that a reality!

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

truly cannot afford to fix their smile

is not an implant/denture patient

is a non-smoker

is health conscious

plans to ‘pay it forward’ and help someone else with their talent and skills

ready to make a real difference in their life!

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