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We believe dentistry should be about you.  In fact, we believe it is your right to have the right to much more than traditional dentistry has provided, and we are built to do something about it!  At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, the idea that you deserve the opportunity for a comprehensive and customized approach to oral health care is as engrained in us as red, white, and blue and apple pie!  The systems and training of the team and our doctors has been engineered to offer you the opportunity to have an experience much better than plain old dentistry with plain old crowns and fillings and 6-month hygiene visits.  

The reason is actually shocking and a bit disappointing.  The issue is the dental profession is mired in a very mechanical and honestly, myopic view of dental health.  The idea that an amalgam filling or a crown is a ‘solution’ has never been correct and the very notion of 6-month cleanings isn’t even a dental thing – it’s from an old advertising jingle when all you could buy to brush your teeth was baking soda or tooth powder!  Dentistry has come a very long way since then, but the approach has been more or less the same, and we believe you deserve more!  

We can now see the wide range of systemic connections from gum infections and pregnancy issues, diabetes, respiratory infections, a variety of cancers, and even Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.  One of the most powerful tools is the ability to protect and preserve your tooth structure with metal-free restorations like plastic fillings and porcelain inlays or onlays where the majority of the tooth can still be kept.  Today we can actually replace the missing tooth roots with dental implants to support a crown and replace your tooth, or to hold a denture in place, or to rebuild the whole system with a set of teeth that are screwed into the implants.  

Dentistry is also on the front line in managing chronic headaches and migraine type pain.  The way the jaw functions directly impacts the comfort of the muscles and that discussion should be a part of your screenings and exam.   The other incredible and life changing (and sometimes life-saving) thing that should be a part of your dental experience is the impact of your airway and how well you sleep.  If the lower jaw isn’t in the right spot, not only can it cause chronic pain in the muscles of the head and neck or numbness in your fingers, but it can also be one of the main reasons behind Obstructive Sleep Apnea!

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we know these are all things that can impact the quality of your life and we see it as our role to provide you with options if any of these issues happens to pertain to you.  We want to help you to find the root cause and give you the opportunity to address that, rather than simply putting another filling or crown in every time we see you because the system isn’t working like it should be and is wearing out your teeth.  If you can correct what’s causing the issues, your mouth feels better, teeth and restorations last longer, you stay healthier, and your quality of life is much better!  

Sometimes this becomes a bit more involved at the outset, but over the long term, even if it is an expensive rehabilitation, people have said it was well worth the time, energy, and money.  Our main goal is simply to make sure you have the options to take advantage of the best that dentistry has to offer. With a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized to you, you are in control of your health and your dental future.  We believe that is how it should be!
We have been serving the Georgetown community for more than 15 years and have found that the results people get with this approach are so much better.  Healthier gum tissues and more teeth, and the science clearly shows that equates to a healthier life and fewer chronic medical issues and fewer medications!  

When it comes down to why we do what we do, it’s to give you the same insight and options we would want for ourselves.  

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