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The New Year is upon us, time to make resolutions and changes in our life. Along with the usual weight loss and financial resolutions, how about adding another resolution that will impact your overall wellbeing?? Consider dental health as part of your New Year resolutions!  Regular visits to your dentist impact your health more than you realize:

More than 120 medical conditions, some of them life-threatening, can be detected in the early stages by a dentist. It is well documented that a high percentage of health conditions can have oral symptoms, such as swollen or bleeding gums, ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath, metallic taste and various other changes in the oral cavity.

Studies have shown that people with moderate or advanced gum (periodontal) disease are more likely to have cardiovascular disease (CVD) or heart disease than those with healthy gums.

Studies show that people with diabetes are more susceptible to the development of gum (periodontal) disease and other oral health problems than those without diabetes. In addition, research shows that people with diabetes also have more tooth loss.

Your dentist should screen for oral cancer and other cancers of the head and neck, including skin cancer, cancer of the jaw bone and thyroid cancer, during routine checkups. He or she feels for lumps or irregular tissue changes in your neck, head, cheeks and oral cavity, and thoroughly examines the soft tissues in your mouth, specifically looking for any sores or discolored tissues. Survival rates greatly increase the earlier oral cancer is discovered and treated.

During pregnancy, hormonal changes may increase the risk of gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums. Symptoms include tenderness, swelling and bleeding of the gums. Without proper care, these problems may become more serious and can lead to gum (periodontal) disease.

For YOUR New Year resolution, wouldn’t keeping your dental appointments be more attainable than losing weight?

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