It’s just a toothbrush…

The Sonicare toothbrush is anything but just a toothbrush!  As a part of our mission to help provide tools for you to keep perfect tissue health, the Sonicare has become one of the pillars of excellent daily care – and for a big reason!!  There is a lot more to daily care than most people appreciate and unfortunately the results of “brush and floss and see the hygienist twice a year” is that even though periodontal infections are almost 100% preventable, they also happen to be the most common infectious disease on the planet and affect about 85% of adults.  That means we have been doing something wrong through the years – and finally we are sorting out what!

The pocket that the hygienists measure should be 3mm or less and shouldn’t bleed; indicating healthy in your gums and bone that supports your teeth.  Traditional toothbrushing and flossing only clean the parts of the teeth that you can touch, but the parts you can’t reach are the very parts that get infected and need the care the most!  The Sonicare toothbrush is the only power toothbrush that will actually brush beyond the reach of the bristles – the sonic wave action of the toothbrush will disrupt the bacterial biofilm that is infecting your gum tissue and when used correctly and daily, it is one of your best tools to keep your gum tissue healthy!

It is true that brushing at least twice daily is critical, and using the Sonicare for that is better.  It is true that flossing reaches areas that you can’t brush.  It is also true that minimally two cleanings are year seem to be the best way to keep your gums healthy.  The rest of the story is that most people still have infection and breakdown even with that so it’s only a starting point for optimal care.  We know that there are serious implications of periodontal disease that go far beyond losing a tooth.  The chronic infection found with periodontal disease account for a surface area that is about the length of your forearm and to have that much infected tissue is dangerous to so much more than your teeth!

Our hygiene team is exceptionally good at helping you to use the tools available today to keep your mouth in tip-top shape!  Whether it is ultrasonics and soft-tissue lasers or developing a home-care regimen that meets your specific needs, please feel free to lean on them to keep your gum tissue healthy!  If you don’t already have the Sonicare toothbrush, ask about it next time you are in.  If you use it for two weeks and then try a regular manual toothbrush, you will feel the difference!  If you are already experiencing the Sonicare kind of clean, we can give you a new replacement head for your Sonicare since you aren’t using a manual one anymore!

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