Is your smile holding you back?

Have you ever felt like your smile was in your way? Like you wanted to hide it because it isn’t bright enough? Have you hidden your smile because of the chips in your front teeth? Do you find yourself covering your smile when you laugh? The truth is so much of our identity is tied up in our smile and it can either create confidence and happiness, or get in the way of it!

Studies have shown that about half of people look at the mouth first when meeting people, and a third look at the eyes first, but mouth second. Obviously the mouth and smile is a huge part of our first impression. Just as obviously, the mouth and smile is a huge part of our self-esteem and confidence too. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to get your smile looking amazing!

Whitening Options

One of the simplest is an in-office Zoom! Whitening. With this system, you relax in the dental chair and we isolate your teeth and apply the whitening gel directly to them for you. Then, we use a focused light that activates the gel. In just a few 15-minute sessions, your teeth will brighten up to 8 shades. The whole process takes a couple hours and you get a set of custom whitening trays to touchup at home too!

The most powerful whitening system also happens to be the one with the least sensitivity! The KöR Whitening starts with a proprietary process of making precision trays for the gel. The KöR gel is made without preservatives and utilizes fresh chemistry to whiten your teeth up to 16 shades. This system is so powerful that it even whitens tetracycline-stained teeth significantly, which was previously thought to be impossible!

Orthodontic Options

If your teeth are the right size and shape, but just crowded or rotated, the options are simple to fix that too! The Invisalign process starts with digital scans of your teeth and digital photos that allow us to make a digital model of your mouth and correct your smile in the computer. Then, using an incredibly predictable and precise system, a series of custom fitted aligners are made to gently straighten your teeth a little bit at a time. Every week or so, you simply switch to a slightly straighter aligner. This process usually takes less than 9 months and can address a wide array of tooth alignment issues.

In some cases, there is movement that would be a powerful benefit, but just can’t be accomplished predictably with clear aligners. In these cases, we work with traditional orthodontics and some of the most amazing transformations happen! Traditional orthodontics is very good at correcting things like a deep bite that creates a collapse in your lower face and sagging in your cheeks.

Smile Makeover

For some smiles, the teeth just aren’t the right shape. Either they have big chips or they have too much wear, and the best way to create the smile you want is to place porcelain on them. With thin porcelain veneers, just about anything can be accomplished and you can create a perfect and gorgeous smile! For some people, this is as simple as a tooth or two, and the smile can be exactly what you want. For others, it may involve more teeth and sometimes even the whole mouth.   The key is to know what your goals are, and together we can work to create that perfect smile!

What’s holding you back?

Today, we have options for any thing that may be keeping you from sharing your smile with the world. Feel free to set up a free consultation and design a plan to make your smile exactly what you want!

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