Are you flossing?


Posted: January 11, 2013

At every dental visit you are going to be asked if you are flossing.  If you are flossing, GREAT! however, if you are not and lie…..your hygienist WILL know.

Your hygienist and dentist will know if you are not flossing by these signs:

Inflamed Gums– The most obvious sign you are not flossing.  Plaque, bacteria and food will sit in between the teeth when you do not brush and floss properly.  As a result your   gums will begin to appear pink, puffy, and bleed very easily.

Increased Tooth Decay-If you have any tooth cavities or the beginning stages of cavities, it indicates that flossing is a weak point in your dental hygiene regimen.

Cuts or Abrasions on Gums-  This indicates you are not flossing regularly or properly.

So remember these signs next time you think about lying to your hygienist regarding your flossing!