A smile you can be proud of!

Peace begins with a smile

Mother Teresa said “Peace begins with a smile” and we all could use a little more peace today!  Maybe a lot more.  It’s a shame so many pe

Hiding smile 2
You don’t have to hide your smile!

ople don’t like their smile.  Next time you are out at dinner, look around at how people talk and laugh and you will see it too.  They cover their mouth when they laugh or turn away when they talk.  So many people hide their smiles, and usually the solution to help them love their smiles is so easy!


Give us a call and we can talk about a variety of options to get your smile looking amazing and make it something you want to show off!  Usually there are several solutions and they are all easier than you might imagine!

Add a little sparkle!

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to get your smile dialed in is to brighten up your teeth!  We offer two professional whitening options and both are a great way to brighten up your smile!  The fastest is Zoom! and the most powerful with the least sensitivity is KöR Whitening.  But in practice, both are amazing and it boils down to what fits your schedule best.

Zoom! is a light powered professional whitening system where you would spend a couple hours relaxing in the office while we put several applications of the whitening agent on your teeth and brighten your smile while you are here!  We will also make you touch-up trays so that you can continue to brighten them at home or bring them back to bright every year or so.

The KöR Whitening system is preservative-free and has the least sensitivity of all the products on the market.  It also has amazing results and is simple to use at home.  We would start with digital scans of your mouth and have the lab design custom fitted KöR whitening trays.  Once those are back, we can walk through how to use them to create the magic of a whiter smile!  This system even brightens the blue and gray shades often seen with tetracycline stained teeth!

Line ’em up!

Whitening systems are painless and predictable ways to make a smile brighter and while that will do amazing things for self-image and confidence, it doesn’t directly improve your health like Invisalign can.  There are two main avenues where misaligned teeth can prevent optimal health.  Both of them are the foundation of healthy and life-long teeth.  One is your gum tissue health and the other is the health of your bite and airway.

The literature clearly shows that even minor crowding will change the bacterial colonies that are found in your gums.  While healthy gums are filled with healthy and helpful bacteria, the pockets between crowded teeth get filled with pathogenic and aggressive bacteria.  This will eventually lead to an irritation of the bone and then loss of the bone that holds your teeth in.

The other scary issue is when the misaligned teeth are the root cause of muscle pain and migraine or tension headaches.  This is nearly always combined with a negative impact on your airway.  Crowded and misaligned teeth force the tongue into your airway and causes muscles to be much more likely to have poor blood supply and cramps.  In the head, those cramps show up as headaches and migraines.  We routinely see headaches lessen or disappear after invisalign treatment and have even been able to celebrate airway issues normalize!

Where do you want to go?

Your health is your responsibility.  Our responsibility is to offer you options to create the most optimal level of health available.  At Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown, we remain committed to staying at the forefront of knowledge and understanding of how the mouth impacts the health of your body.  This also means that we have a lot of options available for you to keep your teeth for life!  If you are curious about improving your dental and general health, feel free to give us a call!

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