What Is a Dental Crown?

Drs. Mark Duncan and Mandy Holley of Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown provide Georgetown, TX, area patients with solutions for the smile, including restorative dentistry. When one or more teeth are damaged, our team might recommend the placement of a dental crown to restore the tooth and protect the natural tooth structure underneath. Let’s learn more about the dental crown.

What Is the Goal of a Dental Crown?

The purpose of a dental crown is to protect and restore the dental pulp of a tooth. A dental crown is also known as a cap because it fits over your entire tooth and covers it as a cap would. If you have a tooth that is cracked or decayed, a dental crown can provide strength and rigidity by covering the problem area. While some patients may think they need just one dental crown, in some cases, several teeth may require crowns to address common dental issues.

Why Might I Need a Dental Crown?

There are several reasons why the dental crown makes sense for a patient. Below are a few situations in which our team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown may encourage patients to consider the fabrication and placement of crowns:

  • Protecting damaged teeth
  • Restoring teeth with cavities
  • Covering dental implants for replacing missing teeth
  • Fusing false teeth to create a dental bridge

How Will I Know if a Dental Crown Is Right for Me?

To determine whether one or several of your teeth need the protection provided by a dental crown, our team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown will take an x-ray and examine your teeth in relation to other nearby teeth. If we determine that a tooth is not able to support the biting forces placed on it, then we may suggest protecting it with a custom-made dental crown.

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