Porcelain Filling FAQs


What are porcelain fillings used for?

They can be used to fill new cavities in decaying teeth or to replace unsightly, potentially dangerous amalgam fillings.

Who is the best candidate for porcelain fillings?

Anyone who has a new cavity or would like to replace an old metal filling. If this describes you, you should contact our office to schedule a complimentary smile analysis.

Why are porcelain fillings better than amalgam?

They are superior for a variety of reasons. The first is that they now have the strength and density needed to adhere to your teeth better than metal. Secondly, they have the exact color and sheen of your natural teeth so no one will ever know the fillings are there. Lastly, they don’t contain any hazardous material such as mercury.

How long will porcelain fillings last?

If you stick to the recommended dental hygiene practices, they should last for decades.

Are porcelain fillings more expensive than metal fillings?

Yes, initially they are more expensive. But because porcelain fillings last longer than metal fillings, over time the cost ends up equaling out, or costing you less.

Are porcelain fillings usually covered by dental insurance?

If they are being used to fill a new cavity, insurance will usually cover a percentage of the cost. When replacing amalgam fillings, insurance does not generally cover the cost because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Whether your insurance covers some of the cost or not, we can help you find a financing option that works with your budget.

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