breathe easily, sleep well: world sleep day promotes healthy, undisturbed sleep on march 16, 2012

A major focus of World Sleep Day 2012 is obstructive sleep apnea, which is a prevalent and often under-recognized problem. The Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study estimated an OSA prevalence of 24% among men and 9% among women in that state of the USA.

Fortunately, with accurate diagnosis, both adult and pediatric sleep apnea are treatable and correctable. Treatment ranges from non-invasive procedures, such as continuous positive airway pressure (or CPAP, a machine that delivers air at a predetermined pressure through a mask placed over the nose), to oral appliances designed to keep the throat open, to surgery to remove excess tissue from the throat or enlarge the oral container by means of maxillomandibular advancement. Treatment can be life changing, as successful correction of sleep apnea can drastically improve sleep quality and overall health.  Our office is highly trained in recognizing signs and symptoms of OSA and offer the oral appliance when prescribed by a sleep doctor. Call our office for more information regarding sleep apnea.

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