Posted: March 1, 2019

After living with TMD for many years, I had worn my teeth down and also made them thin.  The front bottom teeth were pushed toward the inside because of my bite.  It was hard to smile enough to even show my teeth which were not very attractive.  I also had clicking in my jaws but all of this became an accepted nuisance because I was  not aware that there was anything  that could remedy the situation.

I learned of Doctor Holley’s practice and the TMD procedure and was so thankful and excited to know that she could help me.  The procedure took some time but I knew all that from the beginning.

The result was totally amazing.  I had beautiful teeth and it also changed my bite and the shape of my face.  I felt better about my appearance and I had a really good reason to smile.   I have had so many compliments from friends and people who do not even know me.  Every time I see my family doctor, he tells me whatever I paid, it was worth every penny.