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Natural Looking Dentures in Austin |  Aesthetic Dentistry of GeorgetownThe Biggest Frustrations with Dentures

  Dentures can fall out – Have you ever been mid-sentence in a conversation and felt your denture pop lose?  Or find yourself worrying about how to hold them in place with your tongue while you are talking to friends?  This is one of the most common frustrations with people who wear dentures and the longer you wear them, the poorer the fit! 

Fortunately, this is also relatively easy to address and in many cases, resolve completely!  The slipping and sliding of dentures can be corrected in a number of ways.  Often, all that is needed is to better adapt the pink portion to your gum tissue and mouth and they create the suction that keeps them stable and secure.  Sometimes the issue is that it is simply time to replace the dentures.  What we see people have the most success with is using dental implants to stabilize the teeth.  Implants can be as simple as snaps to hold the denture down or with enough support, allow you to have teeth that feel just like natural teeth and don’t come in and out.




   My teeth make me look old – your teeth are an expression of your personality and your smile is a huge part of who you are!  Obviously over time the smile changes just like the rest of your body, however your teeth shouldn’t make you look older than you are!  In fact, they should help to protect your youthful spirit and personality and appearance!!  There are several steps that should be taken to ensure your new teeth match you.

The design of the teeth in a denture should be custom selected based on your face shape so that the shape of the teeth compliments the shape of your face.  There are dozens of variations in teeth and the right one makes all the difference!  The next step is to make sure the shade of the teeth is right for your face.  It should compliment both your skin tone and the whites of your eyes.  Too bright and you look like a skeleton and too dark and it looks like you just smoked a pack of cigarettes!  With those two issues settled, the arrangement of the teeth and how they flow with the face and lips makes a huge difference in making them look just like you want.  That can be done to make them “perfect” or to make them look perfectly natural and beautiful.

With those essential elements sorted out, the last, and perhaps most important, is to make sure the upper and lower jaws are supported in the right bite for you!  Your mouth is the top of your airway and your dentures should support a proper and open protected airway just exactly like natural teeth do.  The way your lips and cheeks lay on top of the new teeth is a function of the bite and in many cases; the effect of time on our face is more a factor of the bite being too closed than your face being too sagging or droopy!

Custom designed dentures are built to several key and critical factors to ensure the right fit for your face, and unless you ask for your teeth to make you look older, they should do just the opposite!


   I eat better without them – This is one of the most frustrating issues people have with dentures.  No question that some of it is the hard work it takes to get used to wearing a prosthesis, but a lot of what frustrates people with dentures is a design issue with the bite and teeth.  Natural teeth have some distinct advantages as they are more stable, a harder material, and have cusps and grooves to work with.  These features are all major advantages in teeth, but can all be replicated in dentures. 

Using anatomic teeth allows for better chewing efficiency as they teeth actually work like teeth!  They are also available in much harder acrylic today allowing for a more tooth-like feel.  With a well-adapted denture, the bite force tends to stabilize the dentures and the function of chewing is transferred from the teeth through the gum tissue and to the supporting bone. 

In some cases, the amount of missing bone doesn’t allow for the kind of stability that makes the dentures feel comfortable or secure, however dental implants have been a huge adjunct in helping patients to feel more comfortable and secure and they function much like tooth roots and improve the comfort, feel, and function of the dentures.


   They make my mouth sore - although incredibly common, this is also very easy to resolve.  There are several basic reasons for the soreness that dentures can cause.  The most common is the dentures don't fit as well as they should.  This can be a fit of the pink acrylic against the tissues, or a fit of the upper and lower teeth.  If the teeth don’t mesh like they should, every time you bite together the dentures have to slip a little to allow the teeth to fit.  This rubs the tissue under the denture and creates the sore spots that are so common.  This can be addressed by using properly shaped and fitting teeth. 
The denture may also simply rub or have a sharp place on the inside, and that can be smoothed and polished so that it doesn’t rub the tissues and create the sore areas.  This is typically a quick and simple visit. 

The way the bite fits and teeth overlap is also often a major factor in ensuring the dentures don’t create sore spots.  This should be built with particular attention to comfortable and relaxed muscles and the right proportion and balance in your face. 


   I can’t talk right – The lips and tongue have very specific patterns of movement and function that are very important to get dialed in so that the function when talking can be quickly and easily adapted to.  Far to often people simply live with problems like a sloppy ‘s’ sound when the culprit is pretty simple to resolve. 
Being able to talk comfortably and correctly is also a balance of learning and adapting along with having the proper construction in the first place. 

If the teeth aren’t in the right place in your face, they don’t function like they should and this can create major frustrations in


   Food doesn’t taste good anymore – This is a very common frustration and the good news is often it gets better with time.  The bad news is something it doesn’t.  There are a few issues that lead to the change in the taste of food, as there are several subtle things that impact our enjoyment of our meals.  The texture and temperature and smell are all as much a part of the experience as the actual taste by our taste buds.  Dentures dramatically impact the way that food is chewed and insulates the temperature and to a lesser extent, the way we smell it, all resulting in a frequent decrease in the enjoyment of food.  This can be alleviated to a large extent by changing to an implant supported solution.  In fact, with the proper engineering to support new teeth, you can have implant supported dentures that are shaped very much like natural teeth and don’t cover the inside of your mouth!


  My teeth float around – One of the most common complaints about dentures is that they aren’t stable.  Although we have made great strides over the years to help make the fit better and more comfortable, the simple fact remains that the longer you wear dentures, the worse they fit.  Over time, the bone that was supporting your teeth dissolves away and therefore, the bone supporting your denture also fades away.  The poorer the fit and the more movement in the denture, the faster this process occurs.  In general, there is bone loss that we can expect in phases losing width first, and then height.  Ultimately, there can be so much bone loss that not only is it nearly impossible to build a stable denture, but the jaw itself is very prone to breaking.  This happens when we are least able to heal as well, making solutions less and less straightforward.  The best way to guard against this problem is to support those teeth with implants, and not only is it more comfortable but the bone stays longer too!


   I can’t chew with them – Sometimes this is about how the teeth on the top meet the teeth on the bottom, and that is usually relatively straightforward to correct.  Dialing in the bite will help to make sure the dentures can function well enough to eat most foods comfortably.  We have a wide variety in chewing surfaces to pick from that range from totally flat to very anatomic with cusps and grooves just like natural teeth.  The anatomic teeth do a better job of chewing food, but they are also more likely to cause the dentures to slide around.  The flat teeth help keep the dentures more stable, but they don’t chew food very well at all. 
The other issue with dentures is that they aren’t attached to the body so you have a period of time where you have to learn to control those two moving parts with your mouth as you chew.  It is not a simple process for sure!  This is another area where dental implants can make a giant difference! 

Are Dentures Right for You?

If you’ve lost one or more teeth due to age, injury, or illness, dentures are a tooth replacement option that can help rebuild the function of your teeth and the overall health of your smile. Our Austin area dentists can recommend comfortable, natural looking dentures that fit the unique shape of your smile and restore function and beauty with uncompromising quality and lasting results.

To learn more about lifelike tooth replacement with dentures, please call Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown at 512-819-9100 today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We welcome patients from Austin, Round Rock, and all surrounding areas of Texas.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures don’t just fill the gap in your smile left by missing teeth. They also restore health and function to your whole mouth, with specific benefits including:

  • Clearer speech
  • Improved chewing ability
  • Better support for facial features and remaining natural teeth
  • Renewed confidence and self-assurance

Make no mistake, these are not your grandparents’ dentures. Our doctors use advanced techniques that allow a better fit and function and reverse the sunken-in appearance that is so often seen following tooth loss. Not only can this take years off of your appearance, it can restore poise, improve self-esteem, and allow you to feel comfortable no matter what your day brings.

During your free denture consultation at our Georgetown office, we will happily discuss these benefits in greater detail to help you understand just how impactful a restored smile can be.

Our Denture Options

Whether you need a complete denture to replace an arch of teeth or a partial denture to replace just a few missing teeth, Dr. Holley and Dr. Duncan use the most progressive labs and materials to provide you a customized prosthesis designed to look just like natural teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures | Senior Dentistry AustinOur dentists offer three different types of dentures:

  • Conventional: These rest on the gum tissue and are usually supported by adhesives.
  • Snap-on: These are supported by dental implants and are removable by the patient.
  • Screw-retained: These are also implant supported, but they can only be removed by the dentist.

By anchoring the denture with dental implants, it will also feel like natural teeth and stay put inside of the mouth, allowing you to eat, talk, and laugh without worry. A key advantage of implant-supported dentures is stimulation of your jaw bone. By preventing the bone loss that occurs after losing a tooth, dental implants keep the other teeth from shifting in your mouth, further preserving the look and function of your teeth and entire face.

Personalized Denture Treatment Planning

No two mouths are the same, so our dentists create dentures that are custom designed for each individual’s unique needs. Combining advanced experience with the latest techniques and technology, Dr. Holley and Dr. Duncan also personalize treatment through:

  • Sessions with a TENS (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) unit to relax muscles and help you maintain optimal physiological position and fit
  • Golden proportion calipers to ensure a more aesthetic, natural-looking smile that eliminates the sunken-in look – some patients even experience a “facelift” effect
  • Careful evaluation and patient communication before dentures are fabricated to keep post-delivery adjustments to a minimum

Senior Dentistry Austin Patient Review | Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown

During your complimentary consultation, we will examine your oral health and discuss your cosmetic and tooth replacement concerns to determine if dentures are the right dental restoration option for you.

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